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My most popular Astrocartography Reading is my

2 Hour Combo Reading where

we have the luxury of time and can

explore in depth the beauty and complexity of the themes in your birth chart and 

identify your most supportive locations.


Relocation often occurs around a turning

point in life in one way or another and,

by exploring both the birth chart and locations together,

we bring the WHAT and WHERE of our life into greater perspective

as we decide next steps.



Your Soul's Journey - Birth Chart


In the first hour of this reading, we discuss your birth chart.


The birth chart is a blue print for life's journey.  This session begins

by shining light on your path from your karmic past to your dharma,

or your highest potential in life. 


The language in this consultation is both spiritual and mythic

blending perspectives of classic Greek and Roman myth with

the language of the yogic tradition

to illuminate the most important themes

in your chart in a personal and profound way. 


I believe in a practical approach and the results provides direction

so you can understand what your chart is

asking for during this time and navigate a course forward! 



Mapping Your Soul's Journey - Maps


In the second hour of this reading, we discuss your most supportive locations.


The Astrocartography and Geodetic maps identify the locations

that are most supportive and important on your soul's journey.


We discuss the energies at each location I identify

in addition to your current location.


In a 1 Continent search, on average, we discuss 2 to 5 locations. 

In a Global search, on average, we discuss 4 to 8 locations. 


Then, I will discuss any locations that you have inquired about and

identify the best times for relocation, travel or visiting locations.


You receive your birth chart, astrocartography maps,

a recording of the consultation, two pages of instructional material, and

a $25 coupon off a transit forecast.


Global Location Search - $375

1 Continent Location Search - $300


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